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Images tell the story of a dance school’s values and mission–the pride it takes in creating a strong and caring dance education. Scott Edwards Photography offers a variety of services that capture these images, while also providing positive experiences and beautiful photos for the dancers and their families.

Studio Sessions

Studio photoshoots range from pre-performance sessions in full costume to headshots to portfolio shoots for summer intensive and college auditions. In addition to providing beautiful images and documenting the school’s performances, individual photo sessions build a dancers’ confidence and self-image.


All the hard work pays off in performances, when students put the results of their hard work on display. Performance photos become part of the history of the school and offer great memories for the families.

On Location

Dancers love being photographed on location and these shoots are often a great spark for their creativity and a way to show their personality outside of the studio. The variety of beautiful backdrops in Southern California means endless possibilities.

Class & Rehearsal

Dancers spend most of their dancing time in class and rehearsal and these photos tell the story of a studio and the hard work--and fun--that go into becoming a great dancer and staging a beautiful performance.

We would love to hear about your upcoming projects and talk more about providing a great photography experience for your studio.

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